White’s Island

The White’s Island Program has been running successfully for over 20 years and has recently developed into a full day program. The program has had history of being oversubscribed with close to 400 children participating each year.

Get Wet Series

This program was conceived and implemented in September 2006. It is primarily aimed at Bermuda’s elementary and middle public school children and is focused on learn to swim and water safety. The instructors for this program are mainly drawn from the senior swimmers of the age group swim clubs. One of the program aims is to encourage children who have graduated from the program and who show an interest in developing their swimming further to progress to the age group clubs.

The “Get Wet” Program is offered twice a year- in September and over the Summer Holidays- for a six week period. To date approximately 600 children have participated. To be perfectly frank, we have been way oversubscribed. Each time the program is offered, we have had over 150 children on the waiting list. Our biggest limitation has been to effectively manage the temperature of the water. The installation of the new heat pumps has provided an option to offer the program later into the Fall and add a program prior to the start of the Summer holiday period. Another limitation is the availability of instructors. BASA is working to establish a co-ordinate program with the clubs and schools to develop trained and certified instructors.