Supporting BASA Through the ICFB

US citizens can support BASA in a US tax efficient manner through the International Charitable Fund Bermuda (“ICFB”). The ICFB is incorporated in Delaware as a charitable organisation under the US Internal Revenue Service Code [section 501(c)(3)]. In Bermuda, ICFB is registered under the Charities Act 1978, and has a permit to operate in Bermuda under the Companies Act, 1981.

What is the role of the ICFB?

The ICFB facilitates donations from individuals or corporations who pay taxes to the US and that wish to donate funds to a local charity such as BASA. Through their role as an intermediary, the ICFB ensures that US taxpayers are able to maintain the tax deductibility of their charitable gifts to Bermuda based charities.

What is the process for donating funds to a charity via the ICFB?

The US Taxpayer donates the funds to the ICFB, along with a letter explaining which charity they would like the ICFB to support. Once the ICFB deems the gift appropriate, the funds are then donated to the charity. The charity receives the donation along with information about who the donation is from so that they may acknowledge the gift appropriately. The ICFB sends a thank you letter to the US Taxpayer, which serves as their tax receipt. Only charities that have registered as members of ICFB are eligible to receive donations via this process. BASA is currently registrared as an eligible charity. Capital G is the administrator for ICFB – for more information please contact:

  • Ms. Suzanne Martin
  • Capital G Private Banking Relationship Manager
  • Tel. 441.294.2570
  • Fax. 441.294.3165
  • Email: ICFB@capitalg.bm

Donations may be made by wire transfer, internal bank transfer, cheques, donations of shares, or gifts of physical goods.

Cheque donations may be mailed to:

  • International Charitable Fund of Bermuda Inc
  • c/o Capital G Private Banking
  • P. O. Box HM 1322
  • Hamilton HM FX Bermuda

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